Oak provides hotel owners and lenders with comprehensive hotel management services.  As previously mentioned, we focus our efforts on profit attainment.  However, we are also extremely attentive to the importance of maintaining and improving the physical plant of every hotel that we manage, with the resources available. 

In addition to operations support, the "backbone" of the Company, we provide numerous other services that act as the "skeleton" of the organization. These services help ensure that the integrity of each asset is maintained. The following are overviews of the comprehensive list of the services offered by Oak:

  • Sales and Marketing
    Our targeted sales and marketing programs are central to Oak’s market-leading performances.  Individualized programs are implemented at each hotel.  Each property has a sales office whose guidelines and performances are closely monitored by a regional office.  The direct sales effort is designed in unison with an advertising and marketing program and where is makes economical sense we do website marketing.  All efforts are monitored and adjusted for their return on investment.  Oak Hotels has an excellent track record as a hotel operator, and its properties consistently outperform market averages.  The Company's properties are strategically located in their markets and offer good visibility and access from main roadways.  All properties are well maintained with attractive landscaping.  Capital improvement work is performed on a regular basis.  The Company attempts to position each property as the best price/value in each market.  We have a full-time Director of Internet Marketing, whose objective is to insure that our properties are featured prominently within the various Internet search engines, as well as seek out new advertising opportunities.  
  • Accounting Services
    A centralized, comprehensive accounting department whose services include financial statement generation, cash management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, bank reconciliation data entry and tax management.
  • Food and Beverage
    Our food and beverage expertise results in improving financial results as well as the quality of the customer's dining experience.  Oak is also experienced in negotiating and maintaining third-party Food and Beverage leased operations.
  • Insurance Expense and Risk Management/Loss Prevention
    Oak aggressively manages the potentially escalating expense of property, general liability and workers compensation insurance through proactive programs that we have in place to help reduce costs.   The Company is able to negotiate favorable coverage and premiums through their numerous contacts.
  • Franchise Selection
    Oak has extensive experience and contacts with many of the major franchisors. The Company has the experience and knowledge to recommend the most appropriate franchise for any given property as well as ensuring that all current technology is available such as high speed internet access, business place rooms, etc.  In addition, the Company has successfully negotiated favorable new franchise fee structures in the past.
  • Internal Audit
    Oak performs internal audit reviews as necessary to ensure adherence to Company policies and procedures, as well as facilitating third party audits.
  • Administrative Systems
    To monitor the guest experience we use Mystery Shopping and all guest comment cards and letters are reviewed by the President to ensure we are doing a good job with our customers.
  • Human Resources
    The Human Resources department stays current on all areas of recruiting and maintaining employees due to the challenging labor market, as well as communicating and supporting the company goals and implements and monitors the following:
     --- Benefit administration and cost containment
     --- Employee recruitment and retention
     --- Unemployment Compensation
     --- Third-party complaints/litigation
     --- Employee training, which involves all aspects of employee development in support of our
          "Employee First" philosophy
     --- Risk management/loss prevention
     --- Local and Federal labor law compliance
     --- Union prevention
     --- ADA compliance
  • Management Information Systems
    This department ensures that Oak is on the cutting edge of new technology.  In addition to our proprietary software, which assists in yield management and expense control, electronic communication devices are in place at all hotels for receipt and transmission of all financial information.  This increases the timeliness of the availability of financial data and enhances accuracy.  Through this department, Oak is able to generate customized summary financial reports for owners.  In addition, guidance can be provided on the purchase of computer hardware and software for all lodging applications.
  • Financial Consulting
    Oak's executive management is knowledgeable and able to provide advice on a wide range of financial matters from property tax valuations to mortgage restructuring.
  • Detail of Oak Hotels, Inc. Hotel Management Services
    --- Asset Management
     --- Total Financial Management
     --- Sales and Marketing
     --- Food and Beverage Support
     --- Accounting and Auditing
     --- Human Resource Planning
     --- Benefits and Compensation
     --- Risk Management
     --- Engineering and Refurbishment Consulting
     --- Franchise Selection and Negotiations
     --- Management Information Services - Design and Implementation
     --- Insurance Management

"We are very pleased to have this team manage our hotel and are confident that their management capabilities can benefit any property in which they are involved."
F. Stephen Hartsfield, Berryfield Hotel Group LLC

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